Welcome! Post Office box door banks are my specialty, but as you are about to see, I am also  interested in woodworking, veterans, and waterfowl. Strange bedfellows at best, but stick around and enjoy. I have included a few links to some of my favorite web sites on the above subjects.

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Bank Photos         Click here for a complete listing of the banks made from the more common doors I have for sale.

Collectors Corner   Click here for banks made from more collectible and hard to find doors.

Wood Projects    Click here to browse through some of my favorite projects.

personal info:

My name is Tom Cavanaugh and I live in Hutchinson, Kansas. As of February 1, 2001 I am retired from the  U S Postal Service. I am also a Vietnam veteran and, I might add, pretty darn proud of both !

 Your ALT-Text here I have created a page with some old photos from my time in Vietnam here.

One of my favorite pastimes is woodworking. I have combined this with a collection of old Post Office lock box doors and have created some rather unique gifts.


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Click on banks for more banks and click on the curio cabinet for more furniture.

Click here for some of my other favorite projects.


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I do sell these banks, so if you are interested drop me a line via e-mail and I will send more information or click on the image above. I also make about any type of custom furniture to suit your needs. I have included a few items on theImages Page

Here are some of my favorite links you are into scroll sawing, this is the place to go!

Kansas Wildlife and Parks Homepage----------- this is self-explanatory

Woodcraft Plans.Com---------------------------link to over 500 full size plans

United States Postal Service Home Page-----------My Former Boss!

Remembrance--------------------------------------Close to the heart Site On Vietnam Veteran's Memorial                                  

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service World Wide Web Site-also self explanatory

VIETNAM VETERANS HOME PAGE-----------Great links and more


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General Information:
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